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    Helping to promote Policies and Laws that would make ICT accessible and usable for all, at easily affordable prices.
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Information Communications Technology (ICT) Forum Pakistan

The primary focus of Information Communications Technology (ICT) Forum Pakistan is to bring betterment in the quality of life of citizens all across rural and urban economy, encompassing various segments, with the help of ICTs that help citizens and the country to improve efficiencies and harness economic benefits. ICT Forum Pakistan, comprising of ICT professionals and academics from highly reputed institutions and universities, intends to undertake analysis, studies and advocacies on all ICT policy related matters, and submit/publish its findings/reports in respect of policy, regulation, implementation and reach-out of ICTs.

Recent publications

May 04, 2017

ICT Application (apps) based Private Taxi Services

  Introduction At present the private taxi services that are available to Pakistani citizens are of five different varieties – black taxis with yellow tops, yellow cabs, radio-cabs Limofied, those belonging to ‘rent-a-car’ companies, and two types ...

Aug 29, 2015

Why is Telecom Infrastructure Sharing not succeeding in Pakistan?

An issue which ICT Forum Pakistan is studying together with all stakeholders including PTA- as evidence shows that it benefits the industry and the country. Telecom towers are absolutely essential for modern telecommunications, but too many towers ...

Aug 06, 2015

Concept Note for the ICT Forum Pakistan session in ITCN Karachi to be Held in September 2015

Those of us who have anything to do with ICT, know it very well that ICTs positively impact every aspect of human life. Whether it is education, healthcare, governance, commerce, entertainment … the list goes ...

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