ICT Forum Pakistan, comprising of ICT professionals and academics from highly reputed institutions and universities, intends to undertake analysis, studies and advocacies on all ICT policy related matters, and submit/publish its findings/reports in respect of policy, regulation, implementation and reach-out of ICTs. The Forum intends to cover all aspects of the sector, particularly infrastructure, applications and services. The Forum intends to provide independent, neutral, unbiased reports to the sector stakeholders (particularly the Government) with the intention of steering the issues in directions which are beneficial for the nation. The Forum intends to take up topics that are current, as well as those that are future oriented. Publication of reports and recommendations of the Forum will aim to benefit both urban and rural segments of the society, acting as a bridge for Policy makers, Regulators, Academic Institutions and Society at large (including entrepreneurs & operators).

ICT Forum Pakistan shall continue to establish linkages with academia, particularly universities, focusing more on suggesting solutions to the real world problems, some of it against basic research that is carried out by the universities themselves. In addition ICT Forum Pakistan would endeavor to generate debates on ICT issues that reach a larger audience, through seminars, briefings, and articles. Eventually it is expected that such ideas would also cross over to newspaper editorials and talk shows.

ICT Forum Pakistan will keep itself completely unbiased, and it would also like to be seen as such. Therefore none of the core team members will have any association with any player in the ICT sector of commercial nature. ICT Forum Pakistan would not take donations or funding from sources which implies the Forum’s association with any industry player. However like all think tanks, ICT Forum Pakistan may take up studies, advocacy, and consultancy jobs on behalf of segments of the industry, if it is found that such advocacy is in the interest of the country and the society at large, and that there is no clash of interest with it’s own agenda. Other than that ICT Forum Pakistan would welcome research, studies and consulting jobs from reputed international organizations with no commercial interests, like ITU, World Bank, ADB, IDB, CTO, USAID, etc.

ICT Forum Pakistan would also like to mobilize “ICT volunteers” from the youth, who will be encouraged to spread Digital Literacy among the countrymen, particularly rural folk.

Special focus will be towards accelerated localization of ICT content so that gaps amongst citizens are minimized and betterment in the quality of life could be brought in. Forum will also give it’s inputs in areas of e/m-commerce and networking issues, helping broad-based participation of ICT professionals to promote cause of knowledge-based economy.

ICT Forum Pakistan studies will emphasize on optimal growth and gauge impacts so as to promote Foreign Investment in the sector, and will also endeavor to act as a bridge/facilitator to help resolve contentious issues between stakeholders. ICT Forum Pakistan will endeavor to bring benefits and fruition of ICTs across economy and society of Pakistan promoting reach-out of affordable citizen-centric services for benefit of all segments of society.
For it’s activities the Forum seeks broad-based inputs, cooperation and support in order to come out with credible and practical recommendations. The ICT Forum Pakistan would appreciate help, inputs and cooperation from all stakeholders in it’s pursuit of societal betterment.