Club Internet: Bringing Internet Know-How to Far-Flung Areas

Internet_Punjab-750x350Did you know that Pakistan has a mobile phone penetration rate of 100 million users? That statistic implies that a little more than half of Pakistan’s 180 million citizens have access to a mobile phone. So far so good. But here’s another statistic that is bound to throw a spanner in the works – only 16% of Pakistani citizens know how to use the internet. This is in contrast to China’s 46% and India’s 19%. United States by comparison has a 86% ratio of internet-using citizens by total population alone.

The point here is that Pakistan can’t afford to be left behind in the 21st century and the internet happens to be a great equalizer when it comes to improving lifestyles, getting information, shopping for goods and communication amongst many other things. The average Pakistani shouldn’t be left behind when it comes to the internet. Imagine not keeping updated with flood or weather warnings over the internet. Imagine how timely warnings and updates could’ve given villagers in rural areas advance notice of important developments, saving lives and belongings as a result.

It is this concern that gave birth to the idea of Club Internet, a startup that wants to help more people to use internet all across Pakistan, especially in areas where the internet is unheard of or access to it is sorely lacking. With its head office in Arfa Technology Park in Lahore, Club Internet wants to equip people with the knowledge and know-how to make internet usage mainstream, by imparting education and training programs all across Pakistani cities and villages.