Is Mobilink Acquiring Warid?

Mobilink_Warid-750x350Thanks to our friends at Phone World Magazine, market is abuzz with rumors of merger / acquisition between Mobilink and Warid and we have been asked by some of our readers about the situation.

We think that news has nothing in it to meet our reporting criteria and hence below is more like a commentary and some information that may clear our readers about the whole situation.

Warid’s marriage with other operators has long been discussed. Few substantial efforts were also made but things didn’t turn positive. Telenor, Mobilink, Zong, PTCL and Ufone have all tried to acquire Warid at different times but they couldn’t close deal with Dhabi Group, the sole and cent percent owner of Warid Telecom.

We have heard several times of negotiations between Warid and other telecom groups, couple of them reaching at very advance stage, but all deals fell apart due to one reason or the other. Mainly due to price that was offered to Dhabi Group.

So, given the track record and as an industry expert wanted to put it, you just can’t say anything regarding Warid with certainty until a sale purchase agreement is signed and announced officially.

Currently, our sources close to top management of Mobilink tell that there’s nothing like what has been in the rumors. Even the decision for showing intent hasn’t been taken, which means due diligence process hasn’t started and Mobilink is almost no-where in acquiring Warid.