Online Payments: Accept Credit / Debit Card Payments in Pakistan with Easypay

easypaisa_shop_locatorAs you might be aware of the fact that Easypay — a product of Easypaisa — offers online businesses a way of accepting online payments in Pakistan through easypaisa channels.

Service, that remained in beta for over six months, was launched earlier this year but only mode of allowed payments was through easypaisa; either through Easypaisa wallet accounts or through Easypaisa outlets.

This has changed as Easypay now supports Visa and Mastercard payments and hence online sellers can accept debit and credit card payments on their websites with Easypay.

So if you are a hosting company, or a freelancer, or a shoe-seller or an e-commerce business or literally anyone then you can accept payments online through credit and debit cards in Pakistan. Yes, this is finally happening.

The good thing about Easypay is that service is specifically tailored for small and medium sized businesses. Which means the hassle that we used to associate with getting payment solution (for Visa and Mastercard payments) for small and medium sized businesses is almost eliminated.

For instance you don’t have to show your business records, hefty turn-overs, huge recurring fee or setup charges to start accepting debit and credit card payments for your online store. Its free to setup, no annual charges and its offered to everyone, even if you haven’t made your first sale.

You need to have an Easypay merchant account with Easypaisa. And that’s pretty much about it. Once you have a merchant account with Easypay, a team will be assigned to help you integrate the solution on to your website. Once done, you will be able to start accepting debit and credit card payments online.

Easypaisa team told us that there’s no setup fee and they will also help you during the integration part.

After integration in done, your customers will be able to pay you online through Easypaisa wallet account, Easypaisa outlets or through Visa or MasterCard debit and credit cards.

As with all payment solution providers, there will be a processing fee associated with all the transactions. Easypaisa said that this fee is usual and as per market standards (somewhere around 2-4%).

Now here’s the best part: Unlike other payment solution providers, all credit / debit card payments made by your customers will be cleared instantly and transferred to your Easypay account without any holding period — that you can immediately withdraw as per your needs.