Telcos Increase 3G Prices by 19.5% due to New Internet Tax

telesUfone and Mobilink have increased 3G prices by 19.5% due to new tax that is imposed by Punjab government that it once agreed to take back but then backed off from the stance.

Since Punjab government is not issuing the reversal notification for internet taxes and situation has remained ambiguous since the announcement of withdrawal of taxes by Punjab Finance Minister in her budget speech, operators have decided to increase the tariffs for mobile internet so that they don’t have to pay the taxes from their own pockets.

Telenor, Zong and Warid are likely to increase their 3G, 2G, 4G tariffs with similar rate as well. Announcement for increase in tariffs from remaining operators is expected with-in next couple of days.

New increased tariffs will be applicable country-wide, despite the fact that taxes on internet in Sindh and KPK are on hold due to court orders.

Telcos told ProPakistani that despite mobile internet taxes are on stay in Sindh and KPK, they will charge customers for the data services as courts may decide the matter either way and they might have to pay taxes for whole withheld duration if cases are decided against them.

“This is why new tax by Punjab has tuned out to be very crucial as our fight against taxes has only widened and it has become hard for us to litigate three provinces against internet taxes”, said one official of a cellular company.

He said that customers shouldn’t complain telcos for this increase in 3G rates, but yes they can go to their government and protest against newly imposed taxes which are the main reason behind this revised tariffs.