What We Do

ICT Forum Pakistan, comprising of ICT professionals and academics from highly reputed institutions and universities, intends to undertake analysis, studies and advocacies on all ICT policy related matters, and submit/publish its findings/reports in respect of policy, regulation, implementation and reach-out of ICTs.

Major objectives of the ICT Forum Pakistan are as following:

  1. Promoting a harmonized ICT growth to help addressing the missing gaps and bridging the divisions within segments of the society and ICT sector, through an open, accountable process of policy inputs, analysis, evaluation and advocacies, enabling rational decision making.

  2. Creating a platform to help linkages for ICT policy and regulatory institutions, industry, academics, universities, research institutions and private/public sector ICT operators, service providers and software/houses involved in ICTs in the country.

  3. Disseminating ICT research through conferences/seminars amongst relevant stakeholders and publishing research reports, giving leads to policy makers/regulators touching all cross-sections of the industry and society.

  4. Identifying how gaps of ICT industry, academia, institutions, universities, business, government and regulators could be bridged.

  5. Recommending models that provide support to existing entities and new entrants in ICT sector to help / assist in setting-up of new ICT ventures overcoming initial hiccups.

  6. Helping to promote Policies and Laws that would make ICT accessible and usable for all, at easily affordable prices.