Yaser Aman Khan

A corporate lawyer and partner of a law firm; having diversified professional experience of about eleven (11) years as a professional lawyer since 2004; which includes about four (04) years’ experience as an in-house corporate legal counsel of a top multinational cellular company, and the rest is private senior-level corporate and constitutional lawyering experience, in terms of having rendered diversified legal assistance to dozens of reputable multinational, and national companies/organizations/entities, and notable clients; as well as having legislative drafting experience as well.

Mr. Khan has first class academic career with Gold Medals in both LL.M. (ITL) and LL.B. (Hons.), and is also currently pursuing his Ph.D. (Law) as a Research Fellow/Thesis Writer with CGPA 3.90/4.00.

Apart from hardcore lawyering, Mr. Khan’s passion for teaching, has also been steering him on the avenue of part-time teaching the undergrad and postgrad students of the Department of Law, International Islamic University, Islamabad, and the undergrads students of NUST Business School and School of Social Sciences and Humanities of the National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad, as a senior visiting faculty member, for over six years.

He has supervised, and still supervising; and also served as an Expert External Examiner of many Thesis Evaluation Committees, with respect to the final viva voce/oral defense/thesis evaluation, of more than dozen candidates of International Islamic University, Islamabad, for the award of LL.M. degrees thereto.

ICT apart, Mr. Khan has got niche in diversified areas of Law, inter alia constitutional, civil, corporate, commercial, family, oil & gas, media & broadcasting, energy and environmental laws; and on the instructions of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, he has recently (August 2013) rendered professional legal services to the Government of Pakistan and exclusively got a Public Company Limited by Shares with the name and style of ‘Pakistan Power Park Management Company Limited’ incorporated, with the Company Registration Office of the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad, which is mandated to host production of 10 energy units with imported coal in Gaddani, Baluchistan, Pakistan, with a total capacity of 6,600MW.

Mr. Khan has got professional membership of many domestic and international associations of high repute and recognition.